BVG Commodities

BVG Commodities (Pty) Ltd (“BVG”), was founded by Chris Venter as Bosveldgraan in 1997.

BVG is a commodities brokerage specialising in trading agricultural and financial futures and options through the Derivatives Division of the JSE Ltd. Since 1997.

BVG Commodities is a registered member of the JSE Ltd. BVG has become a market leader in risk management within the agri sector, providing market participants with high-end risk management products.

AgriBase Commodities (Pty) Ltd

Is a software company currently specialising in providing infrastructure and software to BVG Commodities (Pty) Ltd, an authorised user of the JSE (Derivatives Division) trading futures and options on the exchange.

The software includes an in-house clearing system, “real-time” risk monitoring, a “real-time” trading facility, reporting as well as various other systems which can assist the customer. The infrastructure includes servers, communication providers and various other services.

AgriBase Commodities (Pty) Ltd (hereafter “AGRIBASE”) has developed the in-house software system called AgriBaseHQ. AGRIBASE has been supplying BVG Commodities (Pty) Ltd (as existing member of the JSE) with this software as a service for the past 8 years. BVG Commodities (Pty) Ltd is well known in the market for using the unique AgriBaseHQ software. AGRIBASE now wishes to branch out by supplying the same technology and services to other members under a formal licensing agreement.

The software can be used for “real-time” trading and/or as risk monitoring system, as it includes the following modules: analysis, “what-if” scenarios and a clearing module. It also has a full reporting function which includes trades and orders by the member, where reports can be drawn from the clearing side.

The customer will continue to trade or execute transactions on its own chosen front-end system with its own existing connection to the JSE, eg. Nutron or Swordfish. Once the trade has been done and recorded on the JSE systems, the transaction will automatically feed into the AgriBaseHQ system.

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