Who is BVG?
BVG Commodities (Pty) Ltd (“BVG”) is a company of brokers specialising in trading agricultural and financial futures and options through the Derivatives Division of the JSE Ltd (previously known as the South African Futures Exchange, or SAFEX).

BVG Commodities is a registered member of the JSE Ltd.
Complaints Resolution Policy.
In the spirit of promoting professional and ethical conduct and to ensure a high service level to our clients, this COMPLAINTS RESOLUTION POLICY has been adopted by BVG COMMODITIES (PTY) LTD (“the Member”). Management and all staff members are obliged to abide by the provisions of this policy. Read the full complaints resolution policy
Does BVG provide a trading front-end?
BVG Commodities makes use of Swordfish trading platform. It has all the functionality professional traders require, including stop-loss and take-profit orders, excellent charting with a host of built-in technical indicators and drawing tools, a scripting language to create custom indicators and direct trading from the charts.
How can we display the prices for the commodities?
BVG does provide a pricefeed that is 15 minutes delayed. Please contact us for more information.
What market research does BVG provide?
Our excellent research team provide our clients with industry leading market research on a regular basis, to assist our clients with their decision making. All the reports are now easily accessible on our portal.
How do we manage our clients' risk?
By providing our clients with a quick overview to monitor their positions, cash-flows, greeks, transactions in real-time. Standardised reports can now be drawn by our clients in real-time as and when needed.
How can I get access to BVG research reports?
All clients needs to register on our portal in order to view the research reports.
How can I get access to the additional services BVG offers?
Just contact us through our "Contact Us" page and a consultant will contact you shortly.
Can I trade currencies through BVG?
JSE’s Currency Derivatives Market allows for the on-ex​change trading of Currency Futures and Options on the JSE, giving market participants an opportunity to hedge against currency risk, diversify internationally as well as take a view on the movement of underlying foreign exchange rates.
How can I open an account with BVG?
Just contact BVG, where a consultant will assist you through the process.